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Miscellaneous trivia

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Most common song titles

I Saw Her Standing There (18 results).

Untitled (18 results).

Long Tall Sally (16 results).

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (15 results).

Yesterday (15 results).

A Day in the Life (14 results).

Get Back (14 results).

Heartbreaker (14 results).

Introduction (14 results).

Love Me Do (14 results).

Strawberry Fields Forever (14 results).

From Me to You (13 results).

Honey Don’t (13 results).

Matchbox (13 results).

Revolution (13 results).

Roll Over Beethoven (13 results).

Twist and Shout (13 results).

And I Love Her (12 results).

Can’t Buy Me Love (12 results).

Dazed and Confused (12 results).

Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby (12 results).

A Hard Day’s Night (12 results).

Help! (12 results).

Heroin (12 results).

I’m Waiting for the Man (12 results).

Lady Madonna (12 results).

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (12 results).

Sweet Jane (12 results).

You Shook Me (12 results).

Blackbird (11 results).

Femme Fatale (11 results).

I Need You (11 results).

I Want to Hold Your Hand (11 results).

Let It Be (11 results).

Money (11 results).

Movement from Kiss (11 results).

One (11 results).

Penny Lane (11 results).

Rock and Roll (11 results).

She’s a Woman (11 results).

Something (11 results).

Ticket to Ride (11 results).

What Goes On (11 results).

All My Loving (10 results).

All Tomorrow’s Parties (10 results).

Come Together (10 results).

Communication Breakdown (10 results).

Eleanor Rigby (10 results).

Girl (10 results).

Green Typewriters (10 results).

Hey Jude (10 results).

I Can’t Quit You Baby (10 results).

I Feel Fine (10 results).

I’ll Be Your Mirror (10 results).

I Love You (10 results).

It’s Only Love (10 results).

Stairway to Heaven (10 results).

Thank You Girl (10 results).

There’s a Place (10 results).

Till There Was You (10 results).

Venus in Furs (10 results).

What Is and What Should Never Be (10 results).

With a Little Help from My Friends (10 results).

Yellow Submarine (10 results).

You (10 results).

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